The Mutepod concept was born because we wanted a quiet and calm place at work.

We found it unprofessional not to have a quiet room where a meeting could take place when business relationships were formed. The lack of silence was always there in the background and it was a disturbing moment when a task with a great focus was required. Important business calls and video calls on the computer could quickly evoke an unpleasant feeling that could not be avoided in open-plan offices.

Most of the offices we worked in were open design offices which made it difficult to find a quiet room to get away from the noisy environment.

Therefore, we decided to look for a simple and space efficient solution that could solve the problem for us.

The task of finding the most practical solution.

The first thought and solution to the problem was of course a room with soundproofed panels. The problem with this was that in order to make it happen we first had to get permission and a room had to be built. Workers had to be hired to build the room and limited office space was also the biggest problem we saw as a limitation, which made it impossible for us to build the soundproofed room we needed.

Our next suggestion on the table was the good old phone booth but with some minor modifications. It checked all the requirements we had.

The Mutepod concept was started

mute your surrounding